You’ve heard of the old saying “A face only a mother could love”. Nothing could have been truer of Mabel’s first born sons. Twin’s, kept out of the eyes of the public, they were seen only by the eyes of Mabel, Victoria, Richard and Hattie the twins nanny. Kept hidden in the cellar for years, not allowed to play outside the home as normal children do. They must have grown up to be very strange indeed. Was Mabel’s family ashamed that Mabel had children out of wedlock or were they ashamed of the children themselves?

Richard often referred to them as “Mabel’s Freaks of Nature”. Victoria would tell Mabel “They are horrible”, “You got what you deserved” or “You made your bed now lie in it”. Neither one would help Mabel care for her children.

Mabel never played with her children the way a normal mother would do. They never had toys, trucks, cars, bikes or wagons. Mabel was seen delivering rabbits, squirrels, dogs and cats and an occasional chicken to the cellar door for the boys to play with.

Visitors to the house would remark it sounded more like animals playing in the cellar than children.

It must have been when the twins were about 15 or 16 they suddenly disappeared in the night. Their whereabouts’ known only to Mabel.

It was about the time of the disappearance of the twins that local farmers began to complain about loosing livestock in the middle of the night.

The twins must be at least 90 by now, probably dead.

Strange though, passers by the old boarded up house today have claimed to hear sounds of animals playing in the cellar.

Could it be the Twins Have Returned to Creekside Manor?

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