freak-show-creekside-manor-haunted-house-smMabel slammed the basement door in disgust. She exclaimed “These dreadful creatures are ruining my life”. When she had agreed to take in the circus for the winter she had not planned on the freaks taking over the basement of her home. She had not expected them to stay through spring and summer and now well into the fall. She had not expected them to breed and multiply as quickly as they had done. Their numbers had greatly increased over the past year.

Looking as if they have no plans of moving along anytime soon she would have to figure a way to feed the nasty little creatures through another long winter. Keeping them fed would be her only way to keep these awful freaks from invading her own living quarters expecting to dine with Mabel and her family. This must never be allowed as these freaks are in no way in the same social class as the Mockenburry’s. They must be kept in their place.

Mabel hastily made her way up the narrow path to the door to creekside manor. She brushed away the branches that had overgrown the pathway. She entered the family grave yard where the bones of her parents lie on a cold box 6 feet below the surface. As her brother Richards head stone came in to view she noticed how the stone had darkened with the passage of time. The ground always seemed colder here as if the dead that lay beneath her could chill the ground above to the temperature of the corpses that lay below.

She paused briefly at her parents headstones as she looked down at her parents grave she exclaimed in a shrill voice. “mother what am I to do”

She grabbed the door handle to her home and flung the heavy door open as if it were made of paper. As she stepped on to the elevator it came to her. An emergency room. The community could surely use another ER. An ER that could harvest body parts to feed the freaks. After all accidents are often fatal.

It’s perfect she thought Mabel’s most recent husband is a medical doctor. Dr Mangle and his assistant Nurse Holly could keep butcher in plenty of body parts and corpses this winter.

Mabel extends her invitation to all to tour Creekside Manor this Halloween.

I would take the stairs if I were you. The elevator is squeaking more than normal lately.

I would avoid the Emergency Room at all costs.

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