Mabel left standing at the altar??? Who would do such a thing? Certainly no one in their right mind would Leave this sweet lady, The Lady of Creekside Manor, The Hostess of Halloween, The Princess of BBQ, The Queen B. Left standing alone at the altar ???
What kind of idiot would do such a thing?

That idiot would be a Clown known as “Matchbox”

When Matchbox didn’t show up for the rehearsal then a no show for the nuptials Mabel marched herself  down to the cellar to butcher demanding that butcher serve up Matchbox’s head on a  platter so she could BBQ him for dinner.
If you can’t find Matchbox find any clown she said. I want a clown for my BBQ pot she screamed.

Bonkers has been helping his friend Matchbox hide from Mabel. When Mabel found this out she screamed at butcher “Bring me Bonkers I’ll BBQ him as well
Get me a leg an arm or a foot.

Bonkers said “That witch ain’t cuttin a foot off of any part of me!

The elevator will take you to the 13th floor where Buffington will escort you to the kitchen where Mable is busy cooking her BBQ. Pay your respects to the poor sole laid out in the coffin as you pass by.

When you greet Mabel don’t mention Matchbox or Bonkers and for goodness sakes don’t have the bad taste to dress as a clown!! You will witness first hand a woman scorned.

On your way through the bedroom you  might catch a glimpse of Hattie the nanny playing with her dolls. Her sweet sole turned evil since the fire years ago in the nursery.

The Grady Twins in search of Danny and the “RedruM”  have been seen in the library.

The children of Creekside will greet you outside the house. These innocent youngsters mean you no harm however they do occasionally bite.
The children have made pets out of the Rodents of Creekside. They are friendly with the children they will not be friendly to you.

Entering the cellar Doctor Mangle and his assistant will diagnose your condition and prescribe the necessary medications for the remainder of your visit.

Butcher has his orders. He is frantic trying to keep up Mabel’s demands for body parts for bbq.

The Twins and Victoria are busy plotting the takeover of Creekside Manor Mable and her powers.

Has Bonkers hidden Matchbox and other clowns right under Mabel’s nose??

You’re outside and you are safe ……
or are you??

Are the clowns disappearing at Creekside Manor?
Does Mabel’s BBQ taste a little funny this year.

Thank you for visiting Mabel and her friends. Hope to see you next year.

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