The Inn keeping business is booming at Creekside Manor. The lady of the house, Mabel Mockenburry, insists on greeting each customer who walks through the doors of the Inn. Mabel is looking as lovely as ever. Especially when she is wearing the jewelry she sells at the Creekside gift shop. Mabel will escort you onto the rickety old elevator that will transport you to the thirteenth floor where you will begin you tour of Creekside Manor. Some guests board the elevator, but have not been seen getting off. Unfortunately for you, this keeps Butcher a very busy man.

Victoria, who is Mabel’s younger and prettier sister, is missing from Creekside Manor this Halloween. It is rumored that she ran off and got married; which has infuriated Mabel. Guests have reported seeing Victoria outside the Inn. If you do encounter Victoria please don’t tell Mabel!

Who knows what other guests you will encounter as you tour Mabel’s home. It has been said that the myriad of ghosts of Mabel’s late husband’s lurk around every corner.

Cook is as busy as usual; always stirring a pot of Mabel’s famous BBQ. You may notice her after you leave the library of Creekside on your way through the family graveyard. As you pass by her you might hear cook say “it’s not pork BBQ dear it’s just BBQ” “Try some I’m sure you’ll like it”

There is always a waiting line to get in to see Dr Sausage and Nurse Holly in the ER. Unfortunately, for guests and visitors you are required to be examined by Nurse Holly as you depart Creekside Manor. The only way around this exam is having Nurse Holly pronounce you “DOA” as you enter the building; which makes butcher a happy man.

The meat locker is cold and full of cooling meat. Let us hope you don’t encounter Butcher, zombies, or the family pet while in Mabel’s cellar.

There has not been a lack of patronage at the Creekside Manor funeral parlor. In fact, If “living” family members were to check the ashes, in the urns they retrieve, they would find the ashes look identical to those piled high in Cooks fire. Butcher has taken care of these bodies in his own way.

Carpenter builds coffins around the clock. If you were to look inside the coffins as they are loaded into the hearse you might find them filled with rocks retrieved from the Conococheague creek. The Butcher has disposed of these bodies too. Interestingly enough, Mabel’s BBQ business continues to grow.

Woodsman supplies carpenter with lumber to build his coffins. His chainsaw can be heard as you depart the cellar and pass through the wooden maze he has built for those of you that have survived the house.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to Creekside Manor.

Thank you and with much love,
Mabel and Friends

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