Mabel suspected that it was the fear Mantus instilled in his victims, immediately before death, that gave the meat he butchered its unique and delectable taste. This was her rationale for choosing Mantus to be her husband; and possibly more relevant: her butcher.

Mantus’ propensity for torture and kill was horrifying for his victims. Especially interesting was the torture chair Mabel had installed for Mantus as a special gift.

For Mantus, it was the fear he saw in his victims eyes before death he enjoyed most.
It was electrifying for him and all of his senses came alive!

Mantus will most certainly enjoy meating you.

Mabel’s daughter, Precious, did not like the butler Mabel had hired to greet patrons to Creekside manor. He was a nasty one eyed man, with a horrible disposition, whom was always trying to stir trouble with the family.
The one eyed butler had to go if Precious had anything to do with it.

Mable was doing her best keeping the family and staff together this busy Halloween season. The one eyed butler Precious had hired was always causing trouble between staff and the Family. Bonkers and Mantus could never get along. Mantus was always trying to get Bonkers to sit in the special chair Mable had bought him.

Mable wondered why would Precious have hired that awful one eyed butler behind her back.

Mable thought, Oh well, they would soon be celebrating Christmas and that would bring the whole family together again.

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