Everyone, family, friends, law officials, and the public have been lining up outside Creekside Manor in 2009 to say their “final good-bye” to Mable and Victoria who lie in their coffins in the Grave Yard at Creekside Manor. One coffin with Victoria’s body inside placed along side the freshly dug grave ready to be lowered into the ground. The coffin that contains the body of Mable Mockenburry still inside the Cadillac Hearse awaiting it’s final destination in the cemetery. Mad Merle the grave yards caretaker is trying to maintain some control over the large crowds of people passing by.

Visitors have reported strange powers have begun to emerge from not only from the Manor house but in the spirits that remain in the house and surrounding grounds. Powers and energy that only belonged to Mable. Powers, what kind of powers?

A 13th floor? Was there ever a “13th” floor in Creekside Manor? The house certainly doesn’t look as though it would have 13 floors. Patrons who Visit to the house this fall (there have been over 1700 of you to date) are met by a former husband of Mable’s turned sinister inn keeper named Frederick. Frederick insists guests board an elevator and travel to their rooms on the thirteenth floor, an elevator that has not worked in over 50 years.

When guests arrive at this “13th floor” they are met by “Gorgeous George” Another of Mable’s husbands. A man who must have thought highly of himself in life. Refusing to admit his age he wears pounds of makeup to hide the fact that he is not only old but VERY DEAD.

The Butcher is hard at work preparing food for guest dinner. Or… is he preparing guests for dinner? Strange, it looks as though those are human body parts on the table. Does cannibalism remain in this house after the mistress of cannibalism lies stone cold in her coffin?

On this supposedly 13th floor guest have reported visiting a bar where Sir Stephen the bar keep tells guest they must “take care of certain matters at home” Then invites them to attend the farewell party for the sinister sisters in the basement. Some have reported seeing the ghost of Mable and one of her husbands in this room.

Hattie the Headless Nanny has been reported being seen hiding in a closet inside the bedroom of Precious. The infamous Nanny who would cut off the heads of anyone who tried to harm Mable’s disturbed twins. Has Hattie the Nanny returned from the dead? If so why is she in Precious’s bedroom?

Who would want Hattie to return from the dead? There would only be a few possibilities. Precious, Mable’s beloved daughter wasn’t fond of Hattie. Mad Merle had an affair with Hattie over 100 years ago, he was married to Mable at the time. Merle is rumored to be the father of Precious. Merle was madly in love with Hattie, maybe he would want to bring Hattie back from the dead.

Maybe the Twins? After all Hattie was the only living person to ever showed love to the evil twins.

It would take someone with Mable’s powers to summon Hattie back from the dead. Had Mable been able to transfer her powers to someone in Creekside Manor before she passed? Who would Mable trust with those powers?

Who do you think it would be?

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