Visitors who escaped Creekside Manor in 2006 confirmed the growls and strange noises in the basement of the old home were indeed that of “The Twins” Mable’s first born sons.

In the 80 years or so of the twin’s absence from the home they had grown meaner and more sinister than ever, if that were possible. What had driven the twins to become this way? Mable always blamed Hattie for this.

Hattie, the twins Nanny from the time they were 2 years old. To say the Twins were going through the “Terrible 2’s” was an understatement. From the minute the kids grew teeth they were a menace to the community. Terrible 2’s, Horrible 3’s, Awful 4’s, evil 5’s, sinister 6’s, it could go on and on. Hattie the Nanny had her work cut out for her.

Hattie and Mable had never agreed on how to raise the boys, Mable refused to accept the fact the boys may have cared for Hattie more than their own mother.

Victoria hated Hattie from the day they met. Hattie was prettier and shapelier than Victoria. Hattie could have had her pick of any man in the community. Hattie chose the Twins.

Hattie disappeared shortly before the twins left home.

A few years after Hattie’s disappearance a partially decomposed head washed ashore at the old Mill on Kemps Mill Road. Strands of hair attached to the skull resembled Hattie’s hair color. Could someone have beheaded Hattie?

“Black hallways” “Passageways that lead to nowhere” “There is no way out of here” “I can’t see anything anywhere” voices you might hear when from a headless woman. Could this be the voice of the ghost of Headless Hattie? Come, decide for yourself.

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