Mabel is fighting a CONDITION at CREEKSIDE MANOR. Its not a plague or the virus like the rest of the world is experiencing but a CONDITION.

People with the CONDITION make no sense at all. No rhyme nor reason about what they say or do. The CONDITION in medical terms is known as COTB.

Nurse Rachid and nurse Ratchet will escort you quickly on to the rickety elevator that will carry you to thirteenth floor where the ghostly creatures of Creekside Manor await you.

Mabel has placed herself behind a shield of plastic. Protecting YOU and herself from the dreaded CONDITION.

Walk swiftly past Butcher who is in his glory hacking and chopping up bodies while he’s licking his lips. If butcher thinks you have COTB he will quickly turn you into a hanging side of meat.

Mabels twins will be watching as you pass by.

There are Clowns ahead. The clowns most certainly have COTB.
They have been babbling on like idiots for years.
If you escape the clowns and the wooden path ahead consider yourself lucky. Mabel will see you again next year.

Mabel believes the whole world has has COTB.

Constipation Of The Brain

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