Thunder was heard throughout the day along the Conocochegue creek; it had turned into a stormy night at Creekside Manor. Mable and Victoria had been arguing all day, their anger worsened towards each other as the day went on. By nights fall the two could be heard screaming and cursing at each other all over the house, probably all over the neighborhood.

Creekside Manor, an inn that is located just up stream the Conocochegue Creek outside of Williamsport Md. An Inn indeed! Mable and Victoria enjoyed a childhood of privilege from this well known house of ill repute. What made these two sisters so evil? Was it the house, the back yard rock pile, the creek or the Indian Village that was located just up stream?

It was perfect timing for Mrs. Cornelius Mockenberry, Veronica, Mable’s and Victoria’s mother. Veronica Mockenberry wanted revenge. Revenge against her two evil daughters. Daughters, who brutally murdered her and her husband, butchered them, turned them into BBQ then fed them to the funeral goers who attended their own funerals.

It was perfect timing; Veronica’s evil daughters together in the same room. A stormy night. Hatred and evil, you could smell it in the air. Mrs. Mockenberry with the help of the Prince of Darkness summoned Mable’s twin sons for help. Twins; the evil children only Mable could have born. Veronica’s grandsons. With one swift movement of the hands of the twins the blade quickly severed both their heads. Gone were the heads of Victoria and Mable.

You are summoned to Mable and Victoria’s funeral. Please be sure to pay your respects to these dear sisters.

Has Mrs. Cornelius Mockenberry returned to Creekside Manor to oversee her house of ill repute?

Rooms, rooms with numbers. Which room will you choose? Will there be a lady of the evening (or man) or a foe behind the door?

Has the Prince of Darkness been granted life in the house because his favors?

Are the evil twins of Mable still roaming the dark passageways of this house?

Clowns? Why do we hear the laughter of clowns in Creekside Manor?

Every year as October approaches there is a stir in the air; things begin to happen in and around and inside Creekside Manor. Voices heard, objects move, lights flicker, curtains wave, all of this in a house that has been unoccupied for 50 years. Hatred and evil lives at Creekside Manor, would you like to live here too?

Experience it…. The Terror of Creekside Manor

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