Mabel left standing at the altar??? Who would do such a thing? Certainly no one in their right mind would Leave this sweet lady, The Lady of Creekside Manor, The Hostess of Halloween, The Princess of BBQ, The Queen B. Left standing alone at the altar ???
What kind of idiot would do such a thing?

That idiot would be a Clown known as “Matchbox”

When Matchbox didn’t show up for the rehearsal then a no show for the nuptials Mabel marched herself  down to the cellar to butcher demanding that butcher serve up Matchbox’s head on a  platter so she could BBQ him for dinner.
If you can’t find Matchbox find any clown she said. I want a clown for my BBQ pot she screamed.

Bonkers has been helping his friend Matchbox hide from Mabel. When Mabel found this out she screamed at butcher “Bring me Bonkers I’ll BBQ him as well
Get me a leg an arm or a foot.

Bonkers said “That witch ain’t cuttin a foot off of any part of me!

The elevator will take you to the 13th floor where Buffington will escort you to the kitchen where Mable is busy cooking her BBQ. Pay your respects to the poor sole laid out in the coffin as you pass by.

When you greet Mabel don’t mention Matchbox or Bonkers and for goodness sakes don’t have the bad taste to dress as a clown!! You will witness first hand a woman scorned.

On your way through the bedroom you  might catch a glimpse of Hattie the nanny playing with her dolls. Her sweet sole turned evil since the fire years ago in the nursery.

The Grady Twins in search of Danny and the “RedruM”  have been seen in the library.

The children of Creekside will greet you outside the house. These innocent youngsters mean you no harm however they do occasionally bite.
The children have made pets out of the Rodents of Creekside. They are friendly with the children they will not be friendly to you.

Entering the cellar Doctor Mangle and his assistant will diagnose your condition and prescribe the necessary medications for the remainder of your visit.

Butcher has his orders. He is frantic trying to keep up Mabel’s demands for body parts for bbq.

The Twins and Victoria are busy plotting the takeover of Creekside Manor Mable and her powers.

Has Bonkers hidden Matchbox and other clowns right under Mabel’s nose??

You’re outside and you are safe ……
or are you??

Are the clowns disappearing at Creekside Manor?
Does Mabel’s BBQ taste a little funny this year.

Thank you for visiting Mabel and her friends. Hope to see you next year.

2018 Creekside Manor


Mable could feel the forces coming from somewhere beneath the floor in the basement below. Forces similar to her own. Could these be coming from the butcher room or some other room in the cellar. The butcher room has been very active lately. Hollering screaming moans and groans followed by butchers evil laugh. Seems butcher is having to much fun with his victims.

These forces couldn’t be coming from the old nursery. Mable had boarded up the twins room after the night of the fire and the disappearance of Horrificus years ago. As far as she knew no one had been in that room since.

These powers were definitely coming from family members. These powers were stronger than Victoria’s.

Mable and Victoria could barely tolerate each other. They couldn’t be in the same room together without screaming and hollering at each other. Mabel was always jealous of her younger prettier “sister”. Mable always had the upper hand over Victoria. She had more power.

Mable thought, something’s about to happen. But she had no time for this now. There was a funeral with a viewing the entire month of October in her living room.

After spending the winter with the circus freak show in the south, Matchbox returned to Creekside Manor.

Matchbox and Mable have hated each other since the end of their stormy love affair a few years ago. Upon his return Matchbox arranged to meet with Victoria. Matchbox had found the twins were traveling with the show. Mable had sold Horrificus her own sons to the traveling freak show.

Victoria thought returning the twins to Creekside Manor would show just how evil and wicked her sister was. This would humiliate Mable possibly turning family and friends against her and her powers.

Victoria and matchbox found Horrificus with the freak show in Nashville. Befriending and protecting Horrificus was Roscoe, the half human half wolf grandson of Mabel. Mable had sold Roscoe too. Victoria and Matchbox would return them both to Creekside Manor.

2017 Creekside Manor


The Inn keeping business is booming at Creekside Manor. The lady of the house, Mabel Mockenburry, insists on greeting each customer who walks through the doors of the Inn. Mabel is looking as lovely as ever. Especially when she is wearing the jewelry she sells at the Creekside gift shop. Mabel will escort you onto the rickety old elevator that will transport you to the thirteenth floor where you will begin you tour of Creekside Manor. Some guests board the elevator, but have not been seen getting off. Unfortunately for you, this keeps Butcher a very busy man.

Victoria, who is Mabel’s younger and prettier sister, is missing from Creekside Manor this Halloween. It is rumored that she ran off and got married; which has infuriated Mabel. Guests have reported seeing Victoria outside the Inn. If you do encounter Victoria please don’t tell Mabel!

Who knows what other guests you will encounter as you tour Mabel’s home. It has been said that the myriad of ghosts of Mabel’s late husband’s lurk around every corner.

Cook is as busy as usual; always stirring a pot of Mabel’s famous BBQ. You may notice her after you leave the library of Creekside on your way through the family graveyard. As you pass by her you might hear cook say “it’s not pork BBQ dear it’s just BBQ” “Try some I’m sure you’ll like it”

There is always a waiting line to get in to see Dr Sausage and Nurse Holly in the ER. Unfortunately, for guests and visitors you are required to be examined by Nurse Holly as you depart Creekside Manor. The only way around this exam is having Nurse Holly pronounce you “DOA” as you enter the building; which makes butcher a happy man.

The meat locker is cold and full of cooling meat. Let us hope you don’t encounter Butcher, zombies, or the family pet while in Mabel’s cellar.

There has not been a lack of patronage at the Creekside Manor funeral parlor. In fact, If “living” family members were to check the ashes, in the urns they retrieve, they would find the ashes look identical to those piled high in Cooks fire. Butcher has taken care of these bodies in his own way.

Carpenter builds coffins around the clock. If you were to look inside the coffins as they are loaded into the hearse you might find them filled with rocks retrieved from the Conococheague creek. The Butcher has disposed of these bodies too. Interestingly enough, Mabel’s BBQ business continues to grow.

Woodsman supplies carpenter with lumber to build his coffins. His chainsaw can be heard as you depart the cellar and pass through the wooden maze he has built for those of you that have survived the house.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to Creekside Manor.

Thank you and with much love,
Mabel and Friends

2016 Creekside Manor


freak-show-creekside-manor-haunted-house-smMabel slammed the basement door in disgust. She exclaimed “These dreadful creatures are ruining my life”. When she had agreed to take in the circus for the winter she had not planned on the freaks taking over the basement of her home. She had not expected them to stay through spring and summer and now well into the fall. She had not expected them to breed and multiply as quickly as they had done. Their numbers had greatly increased over the past year.

Looking as if they have no plans of moving along anytime soon she would have to figure a way to feed the nasty little creatures through another long winter. Keeping them fed would be her only way to keep these awful freaks from invading her own living quarters expecting to dine with Mabel and her family. This must never be allowed as these freaks are in no way in the same social class as the Mockenburry’s. They must be kept in their place.

Mabel hastily made her way up the narrow path to the door to creekside manor. She brushed away the branches that had overgrown the pathway. She entered the family grave yard where the bones of her parents lie on a cold box 6 feet below the surface. As her brother Richards head stone came in to view she noticed how the stone had darkened with the passage of time. The ground always seemed colder here as if the dead that lay beneath her could chill the ground above to the temperature of the corpses that lay below.

She paused briefly at her parents headstones as she looked down at her parents grave she exclaimed in a shrill voice. “mother what am I to do”

She grabbed the door handle to her home and flung the heavy door open as if it were made of paper. As she stepped on to the elevator it came to her. An emergency room. The community could surely use another ER. An ER that could harvest body parts to feed the freaks. After all accidents are often fatal.

It’s perfect she thought Mabel’s most recent husband is a medical doctor. Dr Mangle and his assistant Nurse Holly could keep butcher in plenty of body parts and corpses this winter.

Mabel extends her invitation to all to tour Creekside Manor this Halloween.

I would take the stairs if I were you. The elevator is squeaking more than normal lately.

I would avoid the Emergency Room at all costs.

2015 Creekside Manor


circus-dead-creekside-manor-haunted-houseIt has been a credulous two years since Mabel’s zombie has driven the wolves deep into the woods behind Creekside Manor. With the demise of the marauding pack of wolves, Mabel has once again taken refuge in the Manor. Finally, the residence that has been her sanctuary for over a century, may be called “home”. In fact, she even placed the sign “Home Sweet Home” above the entrance to her abode. This sign, which had always hung over her front door, had always symbolized how she felt about the “Creekside Manor” residence, but the wolves had knocked it down and almost destroyed it by gnawing on it. Mabel briefly contemplated putting up a new sign, however, she decided that using the old sign would readily display to all visitors her ability to persevere and overcome. Even though the sign was chewed up and bloody, it was a sign of defiance against the wolves, as well as speaking to all how she felt about the manor.

However, her solitude and the prevalent calm that she was feeling was to be short lived. For you see, tis the Halloween season and she must get the Manor ready for the festive visitors that come this time of year. There was so much to do: she must find tenants in order to replace the revenue that was lost while the wolves were in charge, there was the elevator to fix (the cable was always breaking, sending it crashing to the floors below), she was short on the finances to provide the meat for her famous “pork BBQ” accompanied by all the “fixins”, nor did she have the resources to repair the damage that had been done by the occupying wolves.

Alas, “do not despair” said a voice deep coming deep within her black vacated soul. “All will be well if you follow my advice, for you see, Dr. Cabasa knows how to rectify your problem. All you need is a large influx of tenants for a brief amount of time and that will solve all of your problems. The group I am referring to is a rather fluid band of circus performers that I used to perform with over one hundred years ago. They are a rather rambunctious group, but they will serve you well in the short term. They will rent your property and provide food for you to feed the other guests. Never, ever ask where the meat is coming from that they will supply to your butcher though. Some things are better left unstated.”

In the morning, Mabel’s gait was a little more jovial. She flittered about the house knowing that Dr. Cabasa’s intrusion, during the night, had provided all of the answers to her problems. What a relief, she could use the money from the circus freaks to get her manor back to the standards for which she had become accustomed. Not to mention, her restaurant would be back up and running in no time because the meat issue had been solved. Then a thought came into her mind, “what if I could use the circus performers as an attraction to get the general public to the manor?” I could repurpose a few of the guests and save even more money my meat costs, Mabel thought to herself. Mabel was wringing her hands in excitement as she scurried away towards the telephone in order to contact the ringmaster from the circus.

2014 Creekside Manor


the-visitor-creekside-manor-haunted-house-smCreekside Manor has been in operation for over 200 years. Although the current building is not the original, it is thought to have been built on or near the original site – which was foolishly placed on an ancient Indian Burial ground. Suppose that explains why the house and land have always been considered to be haunted. Disturbingly haunted.

There have long been wild rumors of missing guests who dared to stay in the house. Not to mention the NINE vanished husbands of the mistress herself over the years. Yet…it’s current occupants, the Mockenburry family, continue to deny any and all rumors about the Manor House.

According to the local police department, the sheriff and his deputy have investigated the house many times with no proof of any wrong doings. Sheriff Palmer says, “The problem is that there has never been a single indication that a murder or any foul play has taken place in Creekside Manor. No blood, no bodies, no body parts.” Deputy King added, “That’s right. No clothing and no DNA evidence that the missing persons ever stepped foot in the house.” On the other hand Dr. Cabasa, the nationally known Vampire Killer and Ghost Hunter, says there is no doubt in his mind that Creekside Manor is haunted. He’ll tell anyone that will listen, “The law enforcement in this town is pitiful at best.”

Although he has never seen a ghost on the property himself, Dr. Cabasa insists “There must be an investigation into the hauntings of the house and the untold number of crimes. Unfortunately, Mrs. Mockenburry won’t let you near the place….and no one has the courage to confront that woman.”

“That woman” is none other than Mabel and she has no time for his nonsense. Hauntings…ghosts…ha! “If they only knew what was really going on in here!” she thought to herself.

You see, Mabel recently became a grandmother. Her beloved Precious gave birth to a baby boy – Mabel’s very first grandchild. What should be a happy time in her life is just one long, never-ending worry that has her pacing back and forth like a caged lion. “A baby…a baby what?!” is all she can think of.

If only Precious hadn’t married a wolf. A wolf baby with wolf powers and possibly some of Mabel’s powers – yikes! What will that make him? How can she possibly control him? Sure, Hattie the Nanny controlled Horrificus…but then there was that awful fire in the nursery.

Mabel will have to hire someone more professional…maybe even a Governess. No, what she needs is a prison guard for THAT awful little monster! He’s mean. He bites. He’s little, but fast. He can hide anywhere. One minute he’s in front of you, then he’s behind you biting at your ankles and next thing you know – biting your neck or face!

Mabel has only seen her grandson once and that was enough. She wants no part of him and will not venture anywhere near the basement. But who will take charge of baby Roscoe? Hmmmm, whomever she chooses will have to have total dominion over both man and wolf (assuming that’s what Roscoe really is).

Mabel has decided to enlist the help of the living, the dead and the supernatural. She calls them the ‘Visitors’ and they will begin arriving today. Each will be put to the test to see who can best control the monster in the basement…or rather, IF they can control him at all.

Tonight YOU will be one of the VISITOR’s applying for the position at hand.

But beware as you tour the Manor House and grounds, as you will likely encounter some of its curiously strange inhabitants. There’s Victoria, Mabel’s younger and much prettier sister, who will greet you at the door and direct you to the 13th floor. Then there’s Sir Stephen, who will be tending the bar. He knows everything that goes on within these walls – so be sure to heed his warnings! Who knows, you might even bump into Hattie if she decides come back from the dead to apply for the nanny position. Or, you might just meet the lady herself. Oh, and don’t be alarmed at the Zombies in the graveyard – they are only there to keep the wolves at bay.

Finally, it’s not advised to enter the basement – unless you are absolutely certain that you want to try your hand at controlling the baby monster child. Actually, unless you are serious about doing this – you shouldn’t have stepped foot on these grounds to begin with. These disturbingly haunted grounds. Now that you’re here though, there’s only one thing to do – wish you luck. Lots of luck.

2013 Creekside Manor


waking-the-dead-creekside-manor-haunted-houseIt seems as though the battle between Mabel and the wolves has come to a precarious standoff. Precious and the twins are being held captive by the wolves in the cellar below Creekside Manor. Their screams both comfort and haunt her.

Mabel desperately wants them back, but would need to drive the wolves to the woods where they belong first. If only she had some help…but from who?

Victoria? No, Mabel couldn’t rely on her as they didn’t get along at all. Everyone knew there’s always been an odd sort of power struggle between them, although no one knew why. On the outside, Victoria was 15 years younger…better educated…happier…prettier…and not nearly as evil as Mabel. On the inside, Victoria was beginning to feel powers of her own. Powers that by all rights should be passed on to Mabel’s first born, Precious. While Victoria didn’t know where the powers were coming from – she didn’t care. She was just happy she had them and no longer needed to rely on Mabel or go along with her devious plots.

If Mabel couldn’t trust Victoria and her family was either captured or dead…who could she enlist to help her? Then a single word flashed through Mabel’s mind: zombies. With the powers she possessed, she could put together her own army. An army of the living dead.

She would begin by enlisting her dearly departed brother, Richard. Digging him up herself would give her the chance to work her magic on his stiff and decaying body. He could then unearth many of the dead entombed in their resting places – the graveyard just outside her back door. Making zombie soldiers to serve only her was a stroke of genius! All her departed family members, aunts, uncles and cousins, would walk again thanks to Mabel’s powers. Why stop there? She would also have Richard dig the unmarked graves of Union and Confederate soldiers also buried in the graveyard – and those of Sheriff Palmer and Deputy King too! Yes…Mabel would have her army of corpses to fight the wolves, rescue her children, and drive them back to the woods.

The only order she’d give to her Zombie army would be, “Capture and kill anyone in Creekside Manor that doesn’t belong here – visitors and guests included!”

Good luck…

2012 Creekside Manor


It seems like every day of the last 12 months, Mable has desperately struggled to restore some type of order to her house and her eccentric family. As the pack of wolves grow hungry and move ever closer to her home, Mable is keenly aware that she, her family and her mysterious powers that have kept them safe thus far are in serious danger.

Having smelled the foul stench of wolves up close and personal before, Mable suspects that one or two wolves managed to enter her domain, but how? Have the wolves discovered that the cellar stairs lead to the hallway inside or perhaps they snuck in through the back door not far from the family graveyard? Are they still inside and if so, where in the world could they be hiding?

With fear being such an intimate part of daily life, Mable is determined to comfort herself and her family by decorating her home for the holidays early this year and bringing happier times back to Creekside Manor. Ahhhh, Mable always did love the holidays…the decorations…glowing lights…and all that food. The festivities will give her an excuse to cook up an extra big batch of her delicious BBQ to serve to her neighbors and customers staying at the Inn. If you stop by, be sure to ask for some!

Of course, the holidays don’t bring comfort and joy to everyone. Frederick, the inn-keep, is grumpier than ever. Holidays and anyone or anything that is happy makes him miserable. So, for goodness sake – don’t wish him “Happy Holidays” because you’ll only make him mad.

And wouldn’t you know it, Precious had disappeared for days – after promising Mable she’d help with the decorations. Mable had specifically asked her to help put up the boxes of colored lights and decorations from the twins playroom down in the cellar. Would Precious be foolish enough to venture down to the wolves domain by herself in search of these boxes? Did she leave on her own accord, or was she taken by someone – or something? Is it possible that Mable set a trap for Precious as punishment for marrying a werewolf and bringing these new horrors to their home?

On a positive note, the library is beautiful the way Mable decorated it…though there is so much more to do! At least other people are helpful.

Butcher is busy doing what he does best, chopping up who knows what (or who!) for the holiday feasts about to begin.

Sir Stephen was kind enough to get out and polish Mable’s fine china for the upcoming events. Although…if you look closely, there’s a scratch on his neck – or is that a wolf’s claw mark? Oh boy, if it’s a claw mark then you’d better stay away from him or beware!

What’s this? A hearse has pulled up to a freshly dug grave in the Mockenburry family graveyard. Who’s it waiting to take back and feed to the earthworms? Mable doesn’t dare explore because the cries of wolves can be heard all around the graveyard, almost as if there were one behind each tombstone.

It’s so confusing to Mable because this is all happening at the same time she hears the laughter of children from the play room in the cellar. Have her twins returned for the holidays? Or…wait, yes this is confusing still – the laughter sounds something other than human…maybe wolf like?

Ug. Can Mable hold things together as she has in the past, or are these forces too big for her to deflect? Will her attempt to bring holiday cheer soothe or exacerbate the situation? Could there be something in the cellar to help or hurt her guests? It’s hard to say, suppose you’ll have to visit Creekside Manor and see, smell, taste for yourself…

2011 Creekside Manor


creekside-manor-haunted-houseIt has been a year now since the Wedding of the Century, at least what would be considered the wedding of the century at Creekside Manor. It was a hair raising ceremony as Precious Mockenburry wed “Felton” a mysterious man, who very little is known about still to this day.

Since that blessed but curious event something has changed at Creekside Manor, and not for the better. Thankfully Mable and her sister Victoria have managed to cheat death once again and have returned to undertake the daunting task of reclaiming some kind of control over the Inn, the spirits that remain, and the souls that visit. The people in the house are now struggling with something or someone and it’s easy to sense that there are two very distinct and intense forces at work here. Neither is willing to relinquish their power to the other, leaving the house eerily divided.

Once you enter these doors there appears to be no way out. Frederick the Inn keep will see to that. You will be quickly ushered into a rickety old elevator that transports you to another floor, to the place where Mable and her sister Victoria remain ever vigilant. What other miserable spirits will you find trapped here in this purgatory…?

Butcher is busy doing what he does best. Could it be not just the twins he’s feeding, but some darker and more dangerous force lurking inside that needs to be pacified…?

Mable and Victoria’s spirirts are often seen in the bar talking to Sir Stephen. Could he have a clue to the mysterious presence that is trying to take over this house…?

Precious is in her bedroom sobbing in misery over the dreadful mistake she has made. Does she remain there on her own accord or is someone keeping her there against her will…?

As you pass through the library be assured that all eyes in the house are upon you, watching nervously to see if you bring additional threats to the house that’s so close to reaching its breaking point.

Mad Myrle and his fellow grave diggers are protecting the boundries of the graveyard. Their heightened sense of alert and dread are palpable. Will they let you leave the graveyard untouched or will Mad Myrle make you enter the cellar doors to Creekside…?

Perhaps you’ll find refuge with Guts, if he has a clue as to what Mabel is hiding in the dark dank spaces ahead of you. Hmmmmm, are the Twins still here…?

Who is burried in these walls? Who remains? Just who or what is encaged in this awful place? Most importantly, will you be allowed to escape in one piece?

Welcome to Creekside Manor!

2010 Creekside Manor

Have they returned from the dead? Mable and Victoria?

Last year Mable passed her powers to her daughter Precious, Or did she? It’s rumored that Mable’s lovely voice has been heard singing in the hallways of Creekside Manor. Have she and other family members returned to witness Precious saying her wedding vows? After all once married Precious would become as powerful and as evil as Mable once was.

It’s said that weddings bring out the best in families, it also brings out the worst in families. Especially in this evil family. What spirits and ghosts must Precious and Mable have conjured up this time.

You’re invited!

When you arrive at Mable’s lovely home you will quickly be shoved in the rickety old elevator that will take you to the 13th floor. (does that thing still work?)

There you will be greeted by Judge Roy Bean Jr, the hanging Judge who has been dead since 1903. Who would want to bring this evil man back to life? Only Mable. Judge Bean will perform the service, who always ends his ceremony with “May God have mercy on your souls“ How fit for this couple.

Stroll through Mable’s parlor where the ceremony will take place. You can almost hear Mable singing “I Love You Truly”.

The dining room table is set for a feast. Butcher has prepared a meal fit for a king. The wedding cake is beautiful. Would you like to sample some?

Sir Stephen would love to serve you a drink and tell you a story at the bar. You can almost see the ghost of Mable herself in this room.

Ahhhhh, the bride and the maid of honor are getting ready for the walk down the isle. Precious is so beautiful, in her own way. They both have recovered from the fire that Hattie set in the nursery years ago.

Who is the groom? Who would want to marry into this evil family? Only someone as evil as Mable herself.
Where is the groom?

You hear groans cries and screams coming from somewhere below your feet as you pass through the Library. Could they be coming from the cellar below? Are the twins down there? Is that where the poor soul who will marry Precious is kept? Surely they will not make you pass through this dark, dank, musty cellar to get out of the house. What awaits you there?

Mad Myrle from Earl and his friends will see you through the grave yard. Don’t step on any freshly dug graves as you pass. It makes Mad Myrle Madder.
You must have an invitation

2009 Creekside Manor

“Strange Happenings”

Everyone, family, friends, law officials, and the public have been lining up outside Creekside Manor in 2009 to say their “final good-bye” to Mable and Victoria who lie in their coffins in the Grave Yard at Creekside Manor. One coffin with Victoria’s body inside placed along side the freshly dug grave ready to be lowered into the ground. The coffin that contains the body of Mable Mockenburry still inside the Cadillac Hearse awaiting it’s final destination in the cemetery. Mad Merle the grave yards caretaker is trying to maintain some control over the large crowds of people passing by.

Visitors have reported strange powers have begun to emerge from not only from the Manor house but in the spirits that remain in the house and surrounding grounds. Powers and energy that only belonged to Mable. Powers, what kind of powers?

A 13th floor? Was there ever a “13th” floor in Creekside Manor? The house certainly doesn’t look as though it would have 13 floors. Patrons who Visit to the house this fall (there have been over 1700 of you to date) are met by a former husband of Mable’s turned sinister inn keeper named Frederick. Frederick insists guests board an elevator and travel to their rooms on the thirteenth floor, an elevator that has not worked in over 50 years.

When guests arrive at this “13th floor” they are met by “Gorgeous George” Another of Mable’s husbands. A man who must have thought highly of himself in life. Refusing to admit his age he wears pounds of makeup to hide the fact that he is not only old but VERY DEAD.

The Butcher is hard at work preparing food for guest dinner. Or… is he preparing guests for dinner? Strange, it looks as though those are human body parts on the table. Does cannibalism remain in this house after the mistress of cannibalism lies stone cold in her coffin?

On this supposedly 13th floor guest have reported visiting a bar where Sir Stephen the bar keep tells guest they must “take care of certain matters at home” Then invites them to attend the farewell party for the sinister sisters in the basement. Some have reported seeing the ghost of Mable and one of her husbands in this room.

Hattie the Headless Nanny has been reported being seen hiding in a closet inside the bedroom of Precious. The infamous Nanny who would cut off the heads of anyone who tried to harm Mable’s disturbed twins. Has Hattie the Nanny returned from the dead? If so why is she in Precious’s bedroom?

Who would want Hattie to return from the dead? There would only be a few possibilities. Precious, Mable’s beloved daughter wasn’t fond of Hattie. Mad Merle had an affair with Hattie over 100 years ago, he was married to Mable at the time. Merle is rumored to be the father of Precious. Merle was madly in love with Hattie, maybe he would want to bring Hattie back from the dead.

Maybe the Twins? After all Hattie was the only living person to ever showed love to the evil twins.

It would take someone with Mable’s powers to summon Hattie back from the dead. Had Mable been able to transfer her powers to someone in Creekside Manor before she passed? Who would Mable trust with those powers?

Who do you think it would be?

2008 Creekside Manor

Thunder was heard throughout the day along the Conocochegue creek; it had turned into a stormy night at Creekside Manor. Mable and Victoria had been arguing all day, their anger worsened towards each other as the day went on. By nights fall the two could be heard screaming and cursing at each other all over the house, probably all over the neighborhood.

Creekside Manor, an inn that is located just up stream the Conocochegue Creek outside of Williamsport Md. An Inn indeed! Mable and Victoria enjoyed a childhood of privilege from this well known house of ill repute. What made these two sisters so evil? Was it the house, the back yard rock pile, the creek or the Indian Village that was located just up stream?

It was perfect timing for Mrs. Cornelius Mockenberry, Veronica, Mable’s and Victoria’s mother. Veronica Mockenberry wanted revenge. Revenge against her two evil daughters. Daughters, who brutally murdered her and her husband, butchered them, turned them into BBQ then fed them to the funeral goers who attended their own funerals.

It was perfect timing; Veronica’s evil daughters together in the same room. A stormy night. Hatred and evil, you could smell it in the air. Mrs. Mockenberry with the help of the Prince of Darkness summoned Mable’s twin sons for help. Twins; the evil children only Mable could have born. Veronica’s grandsons. With one swift movement of the hands of the twins the blade quickly severed both their heads. Gone were the heads of Victoria and Mable.

You are summoned to Mable and Victoria’s funeral. Please be sure to pay your respects to these dear sisters.

Has Mrs. Cornelius Mockenberry returned to Creekside Manor to oversee her house of ill repute?

Rooms, rooms with numbers. Which room will you choose? Will there be a lady of the evening (or man) or a foe behind the door?

Has the Prince of Darkness been granted life in the house because his favors?

Are the evil twins of Mable still roaming the dark passageways of this house?

Clowns? Why do we hear the laughter of clowns in Creekside Manor?

Every year as October approaches there is a stir in the air; things begin to happen in and around and inside Creekside Manor. Voices heard, objects move, lights flicker, curtains wave, all of this in a house that has been unoccupied for 50 years. Hatred and evil lives at Creekside Manor, would you like to live here too?

Experience it…. The Terror of Creekside Manor

2007 Creekside Manor

Hattie the Nanny

Visitors who escaped Creekside Manor in 2006 confirmed the growls and strange noises in the basement of the old home were indeed that of “The Twins” Mable’s first born sons.

In the 80 years or so of the twin’s absence from the home they had grown meaner and more sinister than ever, if that were possible. What had driven the twins to become this way? Mable always blamed Hattie for this.

Hattie, the twins Nanny from the time they were 2 years old. To say the Twins were going through the “Terrible 2’s” was an understatement. From the minute the kids grew teeth they were a menace to the community. Terrible 2’s, Horrible 3’s, Awful 4’s, evil 5’s, sinister 6’s, it could go on and on. Hattie the Nanny had her work cut out for her.

Hattie and Mable had never agreed on how to raise the boys, Mable refused to accept the fact the boys may have cared for Hattie more than their own mother.

Victoria hated Hattie from the day they met. Hattie was prettier and shapelier than Victoria. Hattie could have had her pick of any man in the community. Hattie chose the Twins.

Hattie disappeared shortly before the twins left home.

A few years after Hattie’s disappearance a partially decomposed head washed ashore at the old Mill on Kemps Mill Road. Strands of hair attached to the skull resembled Hattie’s hair color. Could someone have beheaded Hattie?

“Black hallways” “Passageways that lead to nowhere” “There is no way out of here” “I can’t see anything anywhere” voices you might hear when from a headless woman. Could this be the voice of the ghost of Headless Hattie? Come, decide for yourself.

2006 Creekside Manor

The Twins Have Returned!

You’ve heard of the old saying “A face only a mother could love”. Nothing could have been truer of Mabel’s first born sons. Twin’s, kept out of the eyes of the public, they were seen only by the eyes of Mabel, Victoria, Richard and Hattie the twins nanny. Kept hidden in the cellar for years, not allowed to play outside the home as normal children do. They must have grown up to be very strange indeed. Was Mabel’s family ashamed that Mabel had children out of wedlock or were they ashamed of the children themselves?

Richard often referred to them as “Mabel’s Freaks of Nature”. Victoria would tell Mabel “They are horrible”, “You got what you deserved” or “You made your bed now lie in it”. Neither one would help Mabel care for her children.

Mabel never played with her children the way a normal mother would do. They never had toys, trucks, cars, bikes or wagons. Mabel was seen delivering rabbits, squirrels, dogs and cats and an occasional chicken to the cellar door for the boys to play with.

Visitors to the house would remark it sounded more like animals playing in the cellar than children.

It must have been when the twins were about 15 or 16 they suddenly disappeared in the night. Their whereabouts’ known only to Mabel.

It was about the time of the disappearance of the twins that local farmers began to complain about loosing livestock in the middle of the night.

The twins must be at least 90 by now, probably dead.

Strange though, passers by the old boarded up house today have claimed to hear sounds of animals playing in the cellar.

Could it be the Twins Have Returned to Creekside Manor?

2004 Creekside Manor

Revenge is all she wants, Mabel stole her last 3 husbands from her.

Surely there was more to Victoria than her cooking, why would all 3 leave her for Mabel !!!!!!!!

Mabel plump with her rosy cheeks and that cackle, how anyone could stand that all day!

Victoria, wise and conniving in her ways has weaseled herself into The Creekside Manor to surprise Mabel and find out the secret Mabel holds on how her husbands vanished

2003 Creekside Manor

There has been another bloody murder at 11737 Snug Harbor Lane, the old manor house that sits along the Conocochegue Creek. “The scene is gruesome” Sheriff Palmer told reporters. He went on to say “This is not unlike other murders that have occurred in this house. The ones in 1951, 1973, 1989 and now this one in 2003. All have this in common, a stormy night followed by an entire family destroyed in what must have been a night of terror.”

The property has had a disturbing past dating back to the early 1800’s. Once operated as an Inn along the dirt road to Clear Spring. Creekside Manor was a frequent stop over for Wagons traveling west out of Williamsport. Travelers last seen headed down Kemps Mill Road would be reported as never reaching their destination. Had they been swallowed up the flooding Conocochegue creek or had they stayed at Creekside Manor?

If you trace the properties history further back, at one time it was home to the Conocochegue Indians who lived here on both sides of the creek. Their trails and artifacts still can be found along the creek. The tribe lived here peacefully for years until being destroyed by the Potomac Indians. Some historians have suggested that the Potomac Indians ate the Conocochegue Indians after food supplies ran out for both tribes during a very harsh winter.

The Manor house was built by Dr. Bowers in the late 1700’s. Dr. Bowers made his fortune traveling the North east, from Boston, to New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore selling lotions and potions for most ailments at the time. His comical side show was popular and always drew a good crowd throughout the summer months. He built the Manor house with it’s many bedrooms to house his traveling medicine show, which consisted of 2 actors 2 actresses and 3 clowns during the winter months. Dr. Bowers and his show returned one October just before a terrible storm that flooded the Conocochegue for 3 days. When the water receded enough to get down Kemps Mill Road it took days to remove the debris from the road. Among the debris found was Dr. Bowers wagons and several clown costumes. Hadn’t they made it to the manor that night?

The longest occupant of the Manor was Mable Mockenburry, who loved it there. Mable was born there, she also died there. As a young child she loved to play on the strange looking rock pile in back of the house. Mables parents died when she was 15 leaving her to run the Manor and raise her younger brother Richard. When her parents died Mable held the wake and funeral in her living room and buried them right on the property, not uncommon during the 1800s. What was uncommon was Mables parents deaths really didn’t seem to bother her. She almost seemed delighted to show them off in their open coffins, where only the heads of her parents could be seen. Mable quickly went about the business of running the Inn. Since the funeral of her parents, she became known for her BBQ dinners. Neighbors and family members who attended the funeral commented on how delicious her pork BBQ was. Mable would only comment “it’s not Pork BBQ dear, it’s just plain BBQ.”

Richard quit talking the day his parents died. He grew up walking the road along the creek selling jewelry he made out of bones, offering samples of Mables BBQ to entice passers by to eat or stay at the Inn.

Mable, a plump matronly looking woman with rosy cheeks and bright red lips lived to be well over 100 years old. Mable had 9 husbands over the years. Five of them Butchers, three of them Chefs. The last one a funeral director who transformed her sitting room into a funeral parlor and the meat locker into an embalming room. All of them gaining over 50lbs during their first year of marriage to Mable, after all she was a very good cook.

No one, not even Mables husbands were allowed in the root cellar. Shortly before she died she had the stairway to it sealed off. The root cellar still remains somewhere beneath the house.

Campers who frequent Hagerstown KOA have reported seeing a young man wearing a necklace made of bones walking the creek front offering samples of food as he passes by. The sounds of drums coming from the woods, the smell of BBQ from the house and reports of seeing men dressed in white walking from window to window are common. It has even been said that on nights in October a sweet looking little old lady can be seen peering out the kitchen window at Creekside Manor.

Creekside Manor is located at the Hagerstown KOA campground. We have restored the Manor and it is now open for tours. Some rooms at the Inn are lovely to look at, others rooms are there for you to experience


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