Mable could feel the forces coming from somewhere beneath the floor in the basement below. Forces similar to her own. Could these be coming from the butcher room or some other room in the cellar. The butcher room has been very active lately. Hollering screaming moans and groans followed by butchers evil laugh. Seems butcher is having to much fun with his victims.

These forces couldn’t be coming from the old nursery. Mable had boarded up the twins room after the night of the fire and the disappearance of Horrificus years ago. As far as she knew no one had been in that room since.

These powers were definitely coming from family members. These powers were stronger than Victoria’s.

Mable and Victoria could barely tolerate each other. They couldn’t be in the same room together without screaming and hollering at each other. Mabel was always jealous of her younger prettier “sister”. Mable always had the upper hand over Victoria. She had more power.

Mable thought, something’s about to happen. But she had no time for this now. There was a funeral with a viewing the entire month of October in her living room.

After spending the winter with the circus freak show in the south, Matchbox returned to Creekside Manor.

Matchbox and Mable have hated each other since the end of their stormy love affair a few years ago. Upon his return Matchbox arranged to meet with Victoria. Matchbox had found the twins were traveling with the show. Mable had sold Horrificus her own sons to the traveling freak show.

Victoria thought returning the twins to Creekside Manor would show just how evil and wicked her sister was. This would humiliate Mable possibly turning family and friends against her and her powers.

Victoria and matchbox found Horrificus with the freak show in Nashville. Befriending and protecting Horrificus was Roscoe, the half human half wolf grandson of Mabel. Mable had sold Roscoe too. Victoria and Matchbox would return them both to Creekside Manor.

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