Have they returned from the dead? Mable and Victoria?

Last year Mable passed her powers to her daughter Precious, Or did she? It’s rumored that Mable’s lovely voice has been heard singing in the hallways of Creekside Manor. Have she and other family members returned to witness Precious saying her wedding vows? After all once married Precious would become as powerful and as evil as Mable once was.

It’s said that weddings bring out the best in families, it also brings out the worst in families. Especially in this evil family. What spirits and ghosts must Precious and Mable have conjured up this time.

You’re invited!

When you arrive at Mable’s lovely home you will quickly be shoved in the rickety old elevator that will take you to the 13th floor. (does that thing still work?)

There you will be greeted by Judge Roy Bean Jr, the hanging Judge who has been dead since 1903. Who would want to bring this evil man back to life? Only Mable. Judge Bean will perform the service, who always ends his ceremony with “May God have mercy on your souls“ How fit for this couple.

Stroll through Mable’s parlor where the ceremony will take place. You can almost hear Mable singing “I Love You Truly”.

The dining room table is set for a feast. Butcher has prepared a meal fit for a king. The wedding cake is beautiful. Would you like to sample some?

Sir Stephen would love to serve you a drink and tell you a story at the bar. You can almost see the ghost of Mable herself in this room.

Ahhhhh, the bride and the maid of honor are getting ready for the walk down the isle. Precious is so beautiful, in her own way. They both have recovered from the fire that Hattie set in the nursery years ago.

Who is the groom? Who would want to marry into this evil family? Only someone as evil as Mable herself.
Where is the groom?

You hear groans cries and screams coming from somewhere below your feet as you pass through the Library. Could they be coming from the cellar below? Are the twins down there? Is that where the poor soul who will marry Precious is kept? Surely they will not make you pass through this dark, dank, musty cellar to get out of the house. What awaits you there?

Mad Myrle from Earl and his friends will see you through the grave yard. Don’t step on any freshly dug graves as you pass. It makes Mad Myrle Madder.
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